Proposed law aims to increase fine for failing to stop for school buses

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- Drivers, be warned: a proposed law could end up making you pay more for blowing by a school bus when kids are getting on and off. And as more school districts equip their buses with cameras, the likelihood of dangerous drivers getting caught is going up.

In her 25 years of driving a school bus, Jeannie Plummer has seen it happen time and again.

“People can’t slow down just a little bit for the safety of our children,” said Plummer.

She’s talking about drivers failing to stop when the bus’s stop arm is out, putting kids’ lives in danger.

“That’s one of the biggest safety problems,” said Plummer.

And it’s happening all the time. Just this morning, a state trooper in Evansville posted a tweet showing about a driver getting caught for not stopping for a school bus.

“We do have people who run the stop arms and it concerns us,” said Dr. Shane Robbins, Superintendent of Mt. Vernon Schools. Soon, his district will equip all 38 of its buses with cameras to catch drivers who don’t stop.

“Student safety and the safety of our children is of primary concern for us,” said Robbins.

And that footage will be extremely useful if House Bill 1256 is passed. Under the proposal, drivers who don’t stop for school buses will face an initial fine of $300. That increases to $750 for a second offense and $1,000 for a third offense within five years.