Your Town Friday: Sweet M’s Boutique in Plainfield

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Plainfield, Ind. - For this week’s edition of Your Town Friday, we’re headed to Plainfield in Hendricks County. Nearly 30,000 people live in Plainfield, including one mom who is taking on her dream of owning a clothing boutique. And she’s doing it while being a mom to a handful!

Stacy Maxwell is a mom to five kids between the ages of one and nineteen.
“There are so many different things you need to start a business and honestly the first thing you need is a name which was the hardest part for me!” she said.
Stacy eventually came up with Sweet M’s Boutique.
“The M stands for Maxwell, our last name. Having a larger family, I wanted to try to combine everybody into that.”
Stacy started her boutique online in November 2015. Then she realized people in Plainfield wanted to try on the clothes, so she started hosting open houses in her home in January 2016.
At one open house, a woman mentioned a store property. Stacy was intrigued and the very next day she found some space on Vine Street in downtown Plainfield. The doors to Sweet M’s Boutique opened a few months later.
“I love the people in Plainfield. It’s amazing the support that we’ve gotten because I feel like even though we have the mall here in Plainfield, a lot of people want to shop the small businesses.”
Business is so good, she’s been able to hire six employees and in a few months a second location will open nearby. Her husband was even able to leave his longtime job to help.
Right now she sells clothing and accessories for women sizes small to 3x and girls sizes 2T to 14. Once the new location opens in Plainfield Creek Shops 2, the original shop will cater to sizes 14 to 28.
Stacy describes her clothes as modern, yet stylish, which was important to her as a mom to teenage daughters.
“One of my daughters works here and one day she looked back at the store and was just like, good job, I’m so proud of you, I can’t believe you’ve shown us that you can do whatever you want to do.”
“So to be able to show people that they can do that is just great. It’s a lot of work and a lot of time and tears and a lot of stuff, but it’s great just knowing that we started this and that it’s become what it has.”
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