Another wall-busting burglary prompts warning from police

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind - Indianapolis Metropolitan Police officials are urging business owners who rent space in strip malls to review their security measures after another burglary involving suspects busting through a wall to gain access.

The latest wall-busting burglary was reported just before 5 a.m. Saturday in the 8900 block of East Washington Street. Officers arrived at Ace Cash Express to find a large hole cut in the drywall of the business. Detectives believe the suspect gained access to the building by prying open a back door to the vacant space adjacent to the Ace Cash Express, which used to house Mr Dan’s restaurant.

“It appeared that someone had cut through the business that was next door and came through, so they came through the wall of the business,” said IMPD Officer Aaron Hamer.

The hole in the drywall between the two businesses was large enough for a person to crawl through.

“Obviously the individual was very determined to get into the business that they were willing to cut into the wall,” Hamer said.

The suspect was apparently not willing to stick around after the alarm system in the Ace Cash Express went off. The detective on the case believes that alarm scared the burglar off before he or she was able to steal anything.

Presumably, the method of breaking into vacant businesses before cutting through walls is an effort to avoid setting of alarm systems. Police say they’ve been seeing this method more often in the last several months.

In early January, somebody used the same method to break into Mr. C’s Liquor Shack and steal about $2,000 cash in the 8800 block of East 38th Street. The wall-cutting method was also used in late November to break into Low Bob’s Discount Tobacco Shop in the 2900 block of Kentucky Avenue.

Metro Police are urging business owners who rent space in strip malls to double check their security systems, especially if there is a vacant space adjacent to their business.

“It depends on where you’re renting from,” Hamer said. “There are good places, some are better than others, and they encourage each other if you’re going to have an outdoor exterior camera, that maybe cover the door next door.”

Hamer also recommends taking steps to place heavy equipment or other objects over large, open drywall space.

“If that’s putting an extra barrier in front of the wall, that may take longer (for burglars to get in),” Hamer said. “You have an alarm system that will go off. And then you put another cabinet in front of it. Anything that going to keep them from getting into your business.”