Former Herron High School student making miraculous recovery one year after crash

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- It's been one year since a young man nearly lost his life when a speeding driver plowed into him on his way to school. He was in a coma for two weeks and part of his skull was removed. But exactly one year later Greg Robinson is doing push ups and arm wrestling.

"I feel like nothing really even happened. Like I feel great," Greg said.

But something did happen. And Greg doesn't remember most of it. He was on his way to school February first last year when a driver t-boned him near 34th and Emerson Avenue. A portion of his skull was removed and he had brain surgery. His mom Monique took photos to track his journey.

"So seeing all of that makes me a lot more grateful for life. It makes look at life differently and makes me appreciate life a whole lot more than what I did two years ago," Greg said.

"Some people have trauma and brain injuries it will make them more mean or worse. But he's different. It just made him more happy, more open. He talks more, he sings more, he dances more," mom Monique said.

His biggest accomplishment was walking across the stage with his classmates. The man who stopped to save him that day, Che Nnaemeka, was even there and is now like a brother to him. His next big milestone was celebrating his birthday.

"Becoming 19 after what I went through I was very glad to be here on earth after that," Greg said.

And although he's now blind in his left eye and has visible scars, his mother's message has always been there's nothing you can't do despite what you've been through.

"He's fine. He's my son either way. I love you either way," Monique said.

Greg plans to go to Ivy Tech to become a chef. He’s even ready to drive again. His grandmother has also inspired him to write a book about his road from tragedy to healing.