Iranian Americans canceling flights, vacations due to temporary ban

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- It's been three days since President Donald Trump signed a temporary immigration ban on seven Muslim-majority countries and families are still questioning what's next.

The Executive Order bans Syrian refugees from entering the country indefinitely and temporarily bans immigrants and non-immigrants from Libya, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia and Iran.

The White House later clarified the restrictions don't apply to green card holders or legal permanent residents. However those with green cards may face extra screenings when entering the U.S.

In the first 24 hours after the order was signed, more than 100 people were detained at airports nationwide. Some people were sent back to the country they came from.

Hassan Mihankhan is an Iranian American living in Indianapolis. Although his brother has a green card, he said his brother canceled his travel plans to Iran out of fear he wouldn't be allowed to return.

"My mother was on the phone and said 'Hey, tell your brother not to come,'" he said. "So he's not going back."

Mihankhan said he's heard other families are also canceling their flights, because of the ban. He felt the ban was punishing innocent people.

“This is the wrong message," said Mihankhan. "President Trump is punishing the people that – the majority of them – that has nothing to do with this ordeal."