Doing it yourself isn’t always the best option, especially for garage floors

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Sometimes, you’re better off letting the pros handle it.

I found that out the hard way after buying an epoxy floor covering kit for about $300. I brought in Jason Freund from Diamond Shine Epoxy Flooring and paid them to fix my mess. He quickly noticed the problems with my garage.

“You see how easy it is to peel it up without the proper insulation? It just virtually pops up,” he said.

About a year after putting it down, the floor’s already chipping.

My first mistake? It’s very difficult to completely strip a garage floor in preparation for the epoxy, especially if you’re doing it yourself.

“First of all, muriatic acid that kind of thing, just adds a nasty mess. It needs to be diamond grind to chalk white, things like that to make sure we get 100% bond,” Freund said.

Most homeowners don’t have a diamond grinder or don’t bother to rent one.

But that's not all there is to prepping the floor. They also grind down any big or small problems.

“That usually covers any imperfections, things like that, that you can't even see due to the curing sealer. As you can see here, there's natural water settling into the floor, so it takes care of a lot of those different things,” Freund said.

And that’s just day one.

For day two, if your floor is already settled, the experts cover the expansion lines with flexible filler you won't see when done.

Another bonus: plenty of color choices. The pros will have a greater range for you to choose from.

“We have probably 75 to 100 different chip blends that you can do. You pick out the chip blend, we match up the background color, where you only see virtually maybe one to two percent of the background cover,” he said.

This is where it takes skill to spread the chips to make it look like a machine did it.

I personally put down a few pounds of chips that were included in the kit. Freund’s crew probably used about 80 pounds!

“We use 100% coverage, so that way you get non slip, wall to wall, edge to edge. So no matter what you step out of your car, no matter what shoes you have on your feet, you're always going to have safe footing,” he said.

The third day of work makes the floor look nice and shiny without being slippery—something you won’t often find from a DIY kit.

Learn more about Diamond Shine Epoxy Flooring at the company's website.