Greenwood uses Indiana-made device to help offenders addicted to heroin

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GREENWOOD, Ind. – A drug treatment program for heroin-addicted offenders in Greenwood uses an Indiana-made device to ease the pain of withdrawal.

The program began at the Greenwood City Court on Monday, and it gives those on probation who are addicted to heroin the opportunity to enter a three-step program as opposed to entering jail.

The program begins with a small device called the Neuro-Stim System Bridge. It`s the size of a quarter and is placed behind a person`s ear. The Indiana-made device helps recovering opioid users get through withdrawal symptoms by blocking the part of the brain that fires pain signals.

“We said a year ago that this would change the face of recovery and there is no question nationally that this is changing the face of recovery,” Sen. Jim Merritt told FOX59.

Centers in six Indiana cities currently use the bridge device, but Greenwood is the first local government to use it.