Woman says she found someone else’s fortune in her meal at south side buffet

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - A woman who frequents a south side buffet says what she found in her meal this week made her lose her appetite.

Lola Lindsey said she found someone else's fortune, from a fortune cookie, inside her crab bake at Hibachi Grill and Supreme Buffet on Monday. She said she was very concerned because to goes to the restaurant two to four times per month.

"I had four or five bites," Lindsey said. " Then my next bite, when I lifted my fork up, it was someone’s fortune."

Lindsey tells FOX 59 she was at Hibachi Grill and Supreme Buffet for lunch with a friend when she made the discovery. She said they each had their own fortune cookies in their pockets.

"I’m thinking the only way that got in there is if they had scraped someone’s plate and put it back into the pan and then added stuff on top of it so you wouldn’t see it had been on somebody else’s plate and then re-baked it," Lindsey said.

The Marion County Health Department got two complaints about the restaurant this week. So, they sent out an inspector Wednesday.

Hibachi Grill and Supreme Buffet has a long history of issues with the health department. Inspectors shut the restaurant down twice in 2016 for excessive health code violations. A Dirty Dining investigation in July aired just days before one of the temporary closures. The health department required employees to throw away about $5000 worth of food.

Just last November, the restaurant was fined $1250 for 34 critical and non-critical violations.

"I thought after they’d been fined and everything that they would have straightened their stuff up," Lindsey said.

FOX 59 called the restaurant and spoke to the manager about Lindsey's discovery. At first, the manager said he didn't know anything about the incident. Then, he spoke to some co-workers and gave us their perspective. He said the scenario is "impossible" and that they have never had reports of fortunes in patrons' meals in the past.

Lindsey said she doesn't want anyone having the same experience she did.

"Not all of them care - even if they’ve gotten fined big money-  whether your food is safe or not," Lindsey said.

Lindsey said the restaurant refunded her for the meal after the incident.

The outcome of Wednesday's inspection are not yet available.


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