Mixed reaction in Delphi after latest investigation update

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It was a mixed bag of community reaction in Delphi Wednesday.

After the press conference in which authorities revealed an audio clip of the voice of a suspect in the death of Liberty German and Abigail Williams, some residents were left to wonder if more information could have been provided.

“It’s just frustrating, kind of takes you back down again,” Tamara Anderson said.

Anderson said her frustration lied mostly in the fact that it appeared authorities hadn’t gotten any closer to catching the suspect. However, Anderson noted that she felt comforted by the emotion officials displayed during the press conference.

“They really want to solve this.  And it sounds like they’ll continue doing what they’re doing until they do,” she said.

Another resident, Gayle Hildreth said he felt comforted by the press conference due to the presence of the FBI; which leads him to believe that the case might soon find resolution.

“I hope they manage to get the job done and find whoever did this,” Hildreth said.

Bob Duke, the Pastor at Delphi Christian Church, says it’s important for community members to lean on each other during this tough time. Adding that more than ever it’s important for people to have faith that investigators will resolve the case and the community will see brighter days again.

“Yes we’re going to continue to have some bad times, but hopefully something good can come out of it. We don’t know when that resolution will happen, but as the sheriff said we will find the culprit or culprits. And we will make it right,” he said.

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