Marine teaching proper flag etiquette

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COLUMBUS, IN-- Video of a young man removing an American flag from a restaurant's flagpole incorrectly quickly spread through the Columbus community. Friday, the owner of the restaurant worked to turn it into a lesson in American history.

"Once I saw that video I was appalled. It was it was embarrassing, I was ashamed. I knew we had to fix the problem immediately," Matthew Gatesy, the owner of Indiana Smokehouse, said.

It prompted Gatesy to set up a flag folding demonstration with a marine who works at the restaurant for the public and his staff and give a slice of sugar cream pie to everyone who attended.

"I'm thankful to have him on staff to get things tightened up to give us technique on how to fold this beautiful flag," Gatesy said.

Gatesy said he hopes the community gives the restaurant another chance.

He said he's proud to hang the flag up every morning at 7 a.m. himself and proud to be a business owner in this country.


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