Your Town Friday: Westfield

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Westfield, Ind. - Westfield was founded in 1834. A few hundred people lived there back then, but now more than 30,000 people call Westfield home.

One of the most popular places is Grand Park, a 400-acre sports complex. You can't miss it!

But there are some hidden gems you could miss, so for this week's Your Town Friday we're taking you inside two of them.

Tony Nguyen says he wasn't sure opening Superbowl Pho was for him.

His uncle, who he wasn't particularly close with, was looking at a property to possibly open a restaurant. His uncle realized he was near Tony's house so he asked to meet him for lunch.

"We were just catching up and he found out that I was going to school for business and he told me what he was planning on doing and I pondered it for a little bit," said Nguyen. "He said we were both learning at the same time so we decided, hey, might be a fun adventure."

"For the first year or so it was essentially just my uncle and I. We were together all the time. I’d go home and get five hours of sleep and I’d see him for the other 19 hours of the day. At the time, since we weren’t very close since we hadn’t seen each other for very long, it was a bit tough."

"I had my own predetermined way of thinking how a restaurant should run and he had his own way as well, so it was quite a bit of a clash. Plus we’re a family so we were brutally honest with each other all the time. It made it hard but I feel like it made us more successful that way."

As their relationship grew over rolls and rangoon, so did their following.

"We were really surprised with what we got here with this community. Even when it’s cold, they come out here, they walk out here and they get food. We couldn’t have been blessed with a better community. Even the mayor comes here and eats!"

The pho is one of the most popular dishes and it sure gets a lot of love from Nguyen's uncle.

"Every other day he goes and buys a new batch of beef bones and he thaw it out, cuts it up and he has to cook it in ginger first. He precooks it for about 12 hours in about a 40 gallon tank at a time, because we sell about 40 gallons a day. Then he adds more flavor in the morning. It's a lengthy process."

Click here to check out Superbowl Pho's menu and hours!

If you need to work up an appetite, there's plenty of shopping you can do in Westfield.

A lot of what Holly Godsey sells at Unraveled Boutique is handmade by local artists. And she handpicks all the clothes.

"I’m new to the area, two years, so I’m still learning about the area but I think this is a great way to get connected to a community," said Godsey. "Opening up a business is probably one of the best ways!"

"Boutiques are great because you’re getting unique items. Even every boutique has different clothing. I hand pick everything so you’re not really going to see it anywhere else! The prices are really affordable for a boutique as well. There’s nothing over probably $65 in here."

For more on Unraveled Boutique, click here!

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