EXCLUSIVE: State Police Superintendent: “Frustration high, professionalism even higher”

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DELPHI, Ind.- Monday will mark two weeks since teenagers Abby Williams and Liberty German disappeared during a hike near Delphi. Their bodies were found a day later and despite a massive manhunt, whoever murdered them is still on the run. On Sunday, Superintendent of the Indiana State Police Doug Carter spoke to Fox59 News in an exclusive interview, saying that every resource available is being used to find the killer.

“The commitment from these other agencies, and these people that are committed to finding the murderer…is just extraordinary,” said Carter.

Local, state and federal agencies are still working around the clock, with the FBI even setting up shop in a bigger building to handle the tips and evidence coming in. As of this weekend, state police have logged almost 8,000 tips, made several trips back to the crime scene, and have continued to push that grainy photo of the suspect and the chilling audio captured on Libby’s cell phone. Despite those efforts, there has not been a significant break in the case.

“The frustration is extremely high, but the professionalism is even higher,” said Carter, “the outpouring of support from churches and community members and groups of people, just the simple waves…it’s [Delphi] just an extraordinary place.”

From day one, the hope was that Abby and Libby would be found alive. Now the hope is that their killer will be brought to justice, something no one in Delphi is willing to let go of.

“Somebody has the piece to make this puzzle to make it whole, and I suspect we’ll have that puzzle sooner than later, at least that’s my hope,” said Carter.

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