Delphi kids’ self-defense class in high demand

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DELPHI, Ind. –A self-defense class aimed for kids is in high demand in Delphi following the murders of Libby German and Abby Williams. So far, police haven’t made any arrests in the case.

A local martial arts studio, Impact Zone is holding the free self-defense classes to teach parents and kids what to do in a dangerous situation.

“The main thing is that they can fight back and have some courage. It’s ok to fight back and get away as fast as possible,” said Carlos Soto, with Impact Zone.

Instructors not only teach kids how to punch and kick, but also the importance of being aware of your surroundings and knowing your closest escape.

“We’re not trying to win a fight. We are trying to win by getting away and drawing attention to it and bring some awareness to it,” said Soto.

At least 20 kids attended the most recent class. Kids learned their voice can be used a weapon. ‘Help, stop, and get away from me’ are the three phrases instructors encouraged them to yell at a potential attacker. Little things such as keeping your hands out of your pockets and always ready to protect yourself were also lessons instructors taught kids.

“We just thought there was a need in the community to help rebuild confidence,” said Soto.

Michelle Meade brought her two young stepdaughters to the class. Meade wants the 10 and 11-year-old girls to know how to fight if they have to defend themselves.

“They deserve a chance to protect themselves and if I didn’t get this to them it wouldn’t be fair,” said Michelle Meade, a Carroll County stepmom.

Instructors advised parents to practice self-defense moves and to continue the conversation at home.

“If we help one kid feel a little more confident, or a mom be able to run again, or somebody to say in a situation like this I know what to do or know what to expect then it’s a win for everybody,” said Soto.

The next class will be March 15. A location has not yet been set.

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