Protesters want work on Westfield Blvd. floodwall stopped

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INDIANAPOLIS - A couple dozen people showed their opposition to a floodwall near the White River Wednesday afternoon. Protesters held signs telling the city to stop the work or it will destroy Rocky Ripple.

Last month the city announced it would contribute at least $10 million to protect homes in the area from flooding and would look at ways to fund the remaining $30 million or so needed to get the job done. The money would go to building a levee, or floodwall, that when completed would protect homes in the Broad Ripple, Warfleigh, Meridian Kessler and Butler Tarkington neighborhoods.

"This wall is the creature of the Army Corps. of Engineers out of Louisville. They don't know what is best for our community," Bart Herriman said.

Herriman was a leader at Wednesday's protest and an organizer of Build The Wall For ALL, a group trying to protect the White River Canal and the town of Rocky Ripple.

"I don't think they understand the height of the gate that is going to come across, the size of the wall, and the disruption it's going to cause for residents in this area. It's going to destroy property values. It's not smart," Herriman added.

Herriman agrees with the project's supporters that something needs to be done to help relieve nearby residents of flooding issues, but wants the city to scrap its current plan.

Supporters behind Finish The Flood Wall said the plan is great and needs to be done quickly without major delays.

"We have a plan now that promises protection for us," said Scott Brady, who lives in the Butler Tarkington neighborhood. "I think it is ideal. We all want protection from the flood."

Construction vehicles are already at the river's banks and have begun removing debris on the east side of the river. Protesters said they hope they can get the city to reconsider its options or will look at other ways to slow down the project's progress.

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