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Unhealthy trees create hazards during strong storms

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INDIANAPOLIS, IND. – It only takes a few seconds for a tree to come crashing down during an Indiana storm.

“You never know when it is going to happen and when you have sustained winds of 40-60 mph. anything can happen,” said Chris Thomas of Thomas Lawn & Landscape.

That is exactly what happened to a family’s home in Carmel, but the storm was not the only factor. Crews tell us the massive hickory tree was rotting from the inside out. The tree was too weak to withstand the elements.

“The center of the tree will not have any more life to it. The inside of the tree becomes real mushy and is a sign that the tree is dying. You only have the exterior to help hold it and it starts to die and can be very fragile,” said Thomas.

Experts say most people do not know their trees are at their breaking point until they create thousands of dollars in damage. Crews say the fix is to check your trees and look for warning signs like discoloration and oddly colored or patterned leaves.

“They can see some of the lesions on the tree bark. The storm just speeds up the process and does not have the strength that is had when it did not have the problem so it will actually break,” said Thomas.

Make sure that you continue to watch out for those warning signs, before you have contractors like this up on your roof fixing thousands of dollars in damage.

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