Carmel City Council considers requiring turn signals when exiting roundabouts

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CARMEL, Ind. -- The Carmel City Council will hear an ordinance Monday night that would require drivers to use their turn signals when exiting a roundabout and if they don't, they could face a fine of up to $100.

Carmel City Engineer Jeremy Kashman said this is a topic he and the mayor have been talking about for years and he feels the ordinance will make the city's 102 roundabouts safer and more efficient.

“Using your turn signal within the roundabout clearly defines your intentions as what you’re doing as a driver," Kashman said. "Some people may sit back and be a little timid entering a roundabout or may not know what you’re doing within the roundabout."

Kashman said while current laws do require people to use turn signals at all intersections, including roundabouts, this ordinance will hammer that point down.

Kashman explained people should signal after passing the last exit prior to their selected exit.

"One example is if you are approaching a roundabout and you intend to take a right, that immediately signals to that person that is waiting to yield to you, that now they are free to proceed within the roundabout," Kashman said.

Carmel City Council President Sue Finkam said she plans to send this ordinance to a committee Monday night for further discussion on the topic before a vote.

The Carmel Police Department declined to comment on the ordinance.