Marion County prosecutor announces partnership with Nextdoor

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.-- In a partnership that will be the first in the Midwest, and one of the few across the United States, Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry announced his agency will join with the mayor’s office and IMPD to update neighbors about the fight against crime on the Nextdoor app and website.

The website and app lists 100,000 users in Marion County, one out of every ten residents, and 16 percent of its traffic is from neighbors following up on crime in their immediate area.

“Community prosecution is intended to be and does in fact goes hand-in-hand with community policing,” said Curry. “If a crime is impacting the quality of life in any give neighborhood, we will be able to follow and be able to share with the neighborhood the crime itself, information about that crime, an arrest, a prosecution, and hopefully a conviction and sentencing.”

Curry said by joining Nextdoor, neighbors will get the latest crime prevention, outreach and crime reports news tailored specifically to their community.

“This is an opportunity as the prosecutor indicated for Indianapolis to lead the nation in a very important way,” said Mayor Hogsett, who endorsed the website’s features as a tool with which a community can protect itself.

IMPD Chief Bryan Roach said his department has been a Nextdoor partner for two years and is able to reach more neighbors virtually than it can by attempting to attend every crimewatch meeting in a district.

In May 2016, IMPD joined 1,600 other public agencies across the nation on the network to help connect with citizens. IMPD can target messages to verified residents of specific neighborhoods or to residents in all of the 580 neighborhoods in the city that are on Nextdoor.

Residents should still call 911 in order report crimes.