Showers return today, stormy tonight with strong wind gusts

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Spotty showers are SLOWLY creeping in from the south but most of the area should be dry for the morning hours. Rain chances will go up through the afternoon and our temperatures will too! Be sure to keep the umbrella nearby as rain will be with us from noon today until noon tomorrow! And the rain could be quite heavy, along with some very strong wind gusts for later tonight and early tomorrow morning. Here is the breakdown:

As mentioned, the heaviest rain and storms should come tonight and on through early Tuesday morning! One or two of these storms could be strong enough to warrant a warning with localized damaging winds. Regardless, winds will be quite gusty for the next few days, even after the rain ends. Expect an early high tomorrow then falling through the day.

Midweek weather should be fairly uneventful before cranking up by Saturday morning. This storm could bring us a messy day of rain/sleet then snow! Looks messy and any totals will not be forecast until late week! Just be sure to watch us or check in here for the progress of this “potential” storm