Multiple overdose calls help lead to west side drug bust

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Laprecious Epps pleaded guilty to possession of marijuana on Feb. 28, 2018. His other charges were dismissed. He was sentenced to 90 days with a 45-day jail credit.

James Hendricks was found guilty of dealing in a narcotic drug and resisting law enforcement. He was sentenced on April 10, 2018, to 25 years in the Department of Correction and given 266 days of credit for time served.

Kenneth Brown pleaded guilty to two counts of dealing in a narcotic drug. He was sentenced on May 14, 2018, to 2 years in the Department of Correction, with 496 days suspended and 234 days executed. In addition, he'll spend a year on probation after release.


INDIANAPOLIS-- Police are cracking down on the drug epidemic in Indiana. Investigators said a house on the west side caught their eye after repeated overdose calls to the home.

Court documents show detectives believed heroin was sold from the home in the 400 block of S. McClure St. in Wayne Township. It's the same residence where a 10-year old lived.

"It's a good case where we got more narcotics off the street," Officer Jim Gillespie said.

IMPD police said a drug search warrant was carried out March 2nd. Investigators found drugs, guns and money at the home, including what police believe to be meth, heroin and cocaine.

"And during that process one of the suspects actually came back to the residence and when he saw detectives there he turned tail and he ran allegedly from detectives," Gillespie said.

Police arrested Kenneth Brown, 46, James Hendricks, 41, and Laprecious Epps, 29.

According to court documents, Brown has prior drug convictions and Hendricks history includes robbery, car jacking and weapons charges. Now they are facing various drug charges

But what investigators said caught their attention before the search was multiple overdoses.​ Court documents said there were nine overdose runs to the home in the past 8 months, a shots fired run and a suspicious person run.

"That's obviously a red flag to us and that's something that we want to address because anytime we have an overdose problem especially if we can target it to one particular location we want to eradicate it. 'Cuz people could be losing their lives," Gillespie said.

"It really comes back to neighbors being their neighbors keeper," Councilor Jared Evans (D-Dist. 22) said.

Evans is encouraging the Shelton Heights community to speak up to help keep drugs off the streets of his district.

"We're seeing I think more and more evidence that supports that the community that's involved with IMPD, that's interacting with our police officers, are the communities that are seeing bigger drug busts," Evans said.

The recent one was welcome news for some.

"A little uneasy but glad the police are doing their job," Tim Anderson, who lives in the area, said.

Police ask you to call them or CrimeStoppers with any information on drug activity.


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