15-year-old steps in to help after witnessing truck flip

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- An Indianapolis teenager stepped in to help after he witnessed a crash, and his mom captured his heroic act on video.

Desmond Robinson, 15, and his mom Tawanna Hutcherson-Searcy were driving home from school last Thursday on I-70, when they took the exit to Keystone Avenue. Behind them, a driver took the ramp too fast, and his rental truck flipped onto its side.

Robinson heard the crash first, then looked out the back window.

"I saw him banging on the window and so I was like 'Mom, back up, back up, back up,'" Robinson said.

Hutcherson-Searcy backed up the ramp and before she could stop him, her son grabbed a jack out from under the passenger seat and ran towards the crash.

"I’m yelling for him to stop because there’s smoke coming up out of this truck," Hutcherson-Searcy said.

When she realized he wasn't stopping, and saw more bystanders helping out, Hutcherson-Searcy took out her phone and started rolling.

On the video, you can see Robinson kick the front windshield and lift up the glass. A few seconds later, the driver jumps out.

"He was just thankful that I got him out and ... he wanted to call his family," Robinson said.

This week, Robinson was right back at school, Tindley Accelerated, where he participates in show choir and track. He was unfazed by his act, deciding not to tell most of his classmates.

"I don’t want to be all conceited that I saved somebody," Robinson said. "To me it wasn't a big deal. ... I want to be Christ-like and he wasn't all conceited, he just did it, he was humble."

Hutcherson-Searcy is the one who's been showing the video, saying she's proud of her son and surprised because he's usually a goofy, fun-loving kid.

"I know his heart is big, but for him to react and be calm, it was just amazing to me," Hutcherson-Searcy said.

The driver of the truck, who is from Chicago, is okay. Robinson's minister at church gave him a Good Samaritan award for his actions.

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