Delphi teen’s grandfather asks for public’s help in search for killer

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DELPHI, Ind-- The grandfather of Libby German opened up Friday about the pain their family is feeling. Libby and Abby Williams were murdered last month while walking along the Delphi Historical trail, and their killer is still out there.

FOX59 talked with the grandpa who has become the voice of the families trying to find justice for the girls.

“Somebody out there has the message or the tip that we need and that is why I’m willing to do this and I’m willing to put myself out there for the better of our families, the community, state, and nation. We need to pull this person or persons off the street,” said Libby’s grandfather Mike Patty.

Patty is the voice for the teens who had theirs taken away. The person who killed the girls is still on the loose.

When asked how he finds the strength to get out and speak about the loss to the community and the media, Patty responded, “I do this on behalf of the girls. They deserve that, they deserve somebody to stand up and be the voice that they can not have today.”

The picture of the main suspect in the murders and the voice of a man telling the girls to go down a hill were recorded on Libby’s cell phone in the moments leading up to their death, giving Patty and police hope and fuel to push forward to find the killer.

“We do not know what happened out here and those girls have been friends for years. They stuck together and both are heroes in my book. They were there together,” said Patty.

As police continue to work around the clock Patty is confident they will track the killer down soon.

“Call in with tips so police can have more information available to continue to run this down because it might take one more piece of a tip that ties it to somebody or a tip that they are already working on. It does not matter how small. Let investigators run that down,” said Patty.

Anyone with information should call the Delphi Murder Tip Line at 1-844-459-5786. Tips can also be reported by emailing

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