Your Town Friday: The Shop in Broad Ripple

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Indianapolis, Ind. - Simply called The Shop, you've probably driven by it many times on Broad Ripple Avenue, not quite sure what's inside.

"There wasn’t a place that did this so we decided, why don’t we just do it ourselves, and it kind of just spiraled from there," said co-owner Brian Kelly.

Brian is talking about unique Indiana-inspired t-shirts! The Market Square Arena shirt is one of Brian's top sellers.

Since opening two years ago, business has been surprising.

"I thought it was going to be part-time, maybe some friends would buy some shirts and it turned into this. It’s crazy!"

"Our printing used to be in our retail store, but we needed the space and we needed employees so now we have a warehouse space at the Circle City Industrial Complex downtown. We have two full-time employees printing, plus co-owner Alex is printing as well. And we have another employee who runs our store now."

To hear more of Brian's story and check out all the gear The Shop offers, watch the video above or click here to shop online!

Lindy also visited the Gallery Pastry Shop:


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