Greencastle police looking for armed thieves who zip tied, robbed and kidnapped man

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GREENCASTLE, Ind. – Police are looking for the armed thieves who attacked and carjacked a man at a storage unit.

On Sunday evening, 38-year-old Don Murphy was unloading and stocking up his work truck at the Berry Street storage facilities.

“Just doing my normal routine, I’m a candy man. I drive around and drop off candy and sodas at different places, that’s my whole deal,” said Murphy.

Murphy says an armed man used zip ties to restrain him and then called another guy for backup.

“He hog tied me, forced me to the ground, and punched me in the head a couple times,” said Murphy.

Murphy told police he was shoved in the back of his own truck and then driven and left out on a gravel road. He was able to free himself, crawl out of his truck and flag down a driver for help.

Greencastle police released a surveillance picture from a nearby business. Detectives believe the picture shows the thief driving Murphy’s truck while the other thief followed behind.

“There are too many eyes in this town. We’re a small community. Everybody watches out everybody. They’ll get caught,” said Kathy Davies, a neighbor who lives near the storage facility.

The thieves did get away with some money, but Murphy believes most of it was just change collected out of vending machines. Besides being little sore and bruised, Murphy says most of all he’s lucky.

“They didn’t kill me, so I’m thankful they didn’t kill me,” said Murphy.

Greencastle police believe the suspects were possibly driving a silver Cadillac pickup truck. If you know anything that could help detectives catch the suspects, call Greencastle police at 765-653-2925.

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