Caught on camera: Burglars break into Dollar General twice in two days

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HOPE, Ind. – Burglars were caught on camera not once, but twice trying to steal from the same Indiana store two days in a row.

“That took guts, I was actually shocked that they did come back,” said Matthew Tallent, Hope Town Marshal.

Early Sunday morning, surveillance cameras at the Dollar General in Hope captured the moment two masked men broke in by prying open a back door. Footage shows the men carrying a rope through the beauty aisle and tying it to a safe bolted to the ground.

“Once the rope was secured around the safe the second male in the black ran out, we assume he jumped in the truck and gunned the truck trying to pull the safe out of the store and the rope snapped,” said Tallet.

Both masked men were seen kicking and using a sledgehammer, trying to pull the safe. They were able to loosen the safe, but they ended up leaving the store within two minutes.

The next night, police decided to have a reserve officer posted up and watching over the store, just in case.

“I guess my hunch was good that we worked somebody that night,” said Tallet.

Nearly 24 hours later, the burglars returned. This time there were three masked men and they came prepared with a thicker rope, a heavy duty chain and a dolly. Again, they went after the safe.

“That’s as far as they got, they never got a chance to pull it. One of them runs out we assume to jump in the truck and gun it and then alerts the other two hey there’s a cop coming,” said Tallet.

The reserve officer chased the burglars for about two miles until two guys jumped out of the truck. All three ended up getting away. Detectives recovered all their tools they left at the store, two pairs of sweatpants in a nearby field and a cell phone in one of the pockets.

“We’ve got enough evidence, we’ll find you,” said Tallet.

Investigators believe the burglars were driving a silver Chevy Silverado.