Second Chance To Get It Right, March Community Hero

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Talk to Kevin Hummel for 5 minutes and it doesn’t take long to see, his heart is a big as his presence.  His work as powerful as his story.  His is a life story that took a drastic turn after bad choices and 10 years in prison. “When I went to prison I always remembered my boys, my kids. Me going to prison all that time and them coming to see me every 2 weeks in prison it opened my eyes and I made a choice, I said I’m done.”

This is Kevin’s second chance, which is also the name of his non-profit.   Kevin started second chance to get it right to support struggling families in Madison County and the children. 6 years and going strong,  Kevin and the second chance to get it right  family of volunteers work with city officials, police and operation love who handles distribution to the families.

Second chance to Get it Right sponsors an annual Christmas ride and giveaway with 3-thousand gifts and toys for over 400 families and the giving goes all year long.  They also put on a  Memorial day cookout providing  bikes for countless kids, the rock the cure fundraiser,  the second chance to get it right Halloween bash, and that’s just for starters. July is the annual Hater Bash motorcycle ride.  In August it’s back to school when Kevin and his team buy backpacks and fill them with school supplies for students.   Fox 59 and Community Health Network are happy to honor Kevin Hummel  - the March Community Hero of the Month!  For more information on Second Chance To Get It Right go to their Facebook page:

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