Bizarre incident happened at Boone County home where two women were attacked

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BOONE COUNTY, Ind.- New details are emerging about a violent attack on an elderly woman and her caretaker in Boone County. It happened at a property on U.S. 421 last Friday evening near Zionsville. Authorities confirm one of those women was beaten and sexually assaulted by an armed man wearing a ski mask.

Now questions are being raised about an incident report that describes a bizarre occurrence involving that caretaker which happened just days before she was attacked last week.

Deputies were called out to the property on March 6, after a man who stores some of his belongings in a barn on the property showed up acting strangely. Records show the unnamed man came to the house and tried to dance with 76-year-old Helen Fix, who owns the property and suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. Authorities say she requires round-the-clock care. The man then tried to dance with Fix’s caregiver, and started calling the caregiver profane names when she refused.

According to the incident report, the caregiver told investigators the man seemed to be crazy. She said he kept telling her he was a police officer who had cameras in the house and accused her of stealing things from Fix.

Authorities were called, but the man left before deputies arrived; however, Fix’s adult daughter was able to identify him and also asked deputies to ban him from the property, which they did.

“We have a suspect in that case which we are looking into and trying to resolve that in connection with this,” said Captain Mike Beard, of the Boone County Sheriff’s Office.

At a press conference on Monday, authorities gave more details as to what happened on Friday. According to Boone County Sheriff Mike Nielsen, when the caregiver and Fix went out for their daily walk around the farm, they were confronted by an unknown man wearing a ski mask and armed with a gun.

Authorities say the man took the women into the barn, beat and sexually assaulted the caregiver, but left Fix unharmed. That, authorities say, leads investigators to think that caregiver was targeted specifically.

Despite what happened on March 6, investigators are still casting a wide net in their search for suspects. So far they have not definitively identified a link between the two instances. The suspect involved in the March 6 occurrence has been questioned, but is not in custody.

“We are not ruling out anyone at this time,” said Beard, “anybody in connection with that home, whether it be another caregiver that has been involved in that home, whether it’s another family member.”

Investigators also say there were items left behind at the crime scene, which are being processed for DNA and other clues.