Judge orders Noblesville West shooter to be sent to IDOC juvenile detention center until he’s 18

Former Attica high school student charged with intimidation, harassment over Snapchat threats

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Nicholas Jordan


In May 2017, Nicholas Jordan pleaded guilty to harassment and was sentenced to 180 days in prison with a 69-day jail credit.


ATTICA, Ind. – A former Attica high school student now faces charges after admitting he posted online threats about a school shooting.

Nicholas Jordan, 18, was charged Monday with intimidation and harassment. Authorities said he sent threatening messages directed at students on Snapchat. Police arrested him last week.

“If I smiled while shooting up the school I think I could get off on pleading insanity,” he wrote in one post.

Jordan told investigators the messages were a joke, according to court documents, referring to them as “dark humor.” Jordan told officers he’d “posted stuff about shooting up the school” about “three times a week for a month.”

When asked why he made the posts, he said it was “for a cheap laugh.”

Jordan wasn’t armed at the time of his arrest, but police said he told them he had access to a few handguns inside a closet at home. He told police most of the other firearms at home were locked up.

Students asked Jordan about the messages during lunch, according to court documents, and one student police interviewed said Jordan sent out messages on Snapchat naming people “he would take out or save.”

While some of the students were convinced Jordan was joking, others didn’t think the posts were a laughing matter.

One girl told Jordan that what he posted on Snapchat wasn’t funny, to which Jordan replied, “It’s pretty (expletive) funny.” Another student said Jordan talked about shooting girls so people “wouldn’t think he was sexist,” court documents said.

Jordan has been expelled from Attica Jr.-Sr. High School.