From toilet paper to skin care, customers pick their favorite new products

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Sometimes store aisles can be tough to navigate because there are so many products.

Aside from trial and error, how do you know which products provide the best bang for your buck?

Recently, 40,000 American consumers voted for the best new products.

“When you walk into a store, you will know what others have bought and liked. It takes the guess work out of shopping for many items. You will know what to look for and what everyone else has already tried. This list of products is all based on consumer opinions,” says Bryce Gruber with Product of the Year USA.

The list of products and categories is large, so we will focus on a few of them to give you an idea what’s hot. The first product is colorful—the at-home Keratin hair color system by Schwarkopf.

“You can color your hair at home, without spending a ton at the salon and it's really easy, it gives great results. I'm saying this as someone who makes a career out of being a beauty editor and writing for all the biggest magazines about what to use for your hair,” said Gruber.

The next product that people really like is something most people don't want to think about—cleaning the toilet and keeping it that way. The winner in this division was Lysol Power & Fresh 6 Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

You snap it in to the side of your toilet and every time you flush it goes to work, cleaning the toilet bowl, disinfecting and sanitizing. Similar products are on the market, but they didn’t fare as well with consumers.

In other toilet-related news, let’s focus on what people use daily, but also don’t discuss much: toilet paper. In this case, consumers did discuss their favorites.

Charmin Essentials Soft was tops with consumers because they say it’s soft, well made and affordably priced.

Most shoppers agreed with the best wine choice for the price. The clear winner was Aldi's Broken Clouds. Testers say it stands up to $30 and $40 bottles of wine, but it's a $13 red wine that tastes expensive. They also say it’s fragrant, rich and full bodied.

A couple other winners include skin care: Kleenex Facial Cleansing Exfoliating Cushions were voted best and Carmex Comfort Care Lip Balm won as well.

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