IMPD North District Flex Team cracks down on drug trafficking, busts more than 100 people

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- A group of handpicked IMPD officers known as the North District Late Tact Flex Team is working to put a stop to the drug trade on Indy’s north side.

This week, police have made an arrest nearly every single day.

“We look at the target locations and check to see if we see people coming and going,” said Sgt. Anthony McLemore.

The north side flex teams spot and track down people with illegal drugs and guns. IMPD added another flex team in the North District in January. So far, their track record is pretty impressive.

The two teams covering the north side have taken in at least $70,000 in cash along with large quantities of illegal and prescription drugs. Some of their most successful busts come from street patrols and traffic stops.

FOX59 hit the streets with the flex team this week to see just what they’re dealing with and it did not take long to see some action.

“They have a little bit of everything. They have some crack, meth, heroin, Xanax tablets, and marijuana as well. The drugs were all in the passenger's pockets. The pot and meth were in the glove box and he apparently has more in his wallet too,” said IMPD officer Dane Elkins.

The team busted two men on drug charges while driving around. Police say the duo came to Indy from Columbus, Indiana to make a buy.

“We targeted a certain area and saw some suspicious behavior in that area, made a stop and this is what we found,” said McLemore.

Traffic stops are only part of the reason for the flex team’s success. They also count on tips from folks who live in these neighborhoods.

“A majority of people want to live a good drama free life…without drug dealing and robbing and shots fired going on around their homes. So it becomes a quality of life issue for those people,” said McLemore.