Indianapolis man paralyzed during shooting last summer asks witness to step forward

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – IMPD detective Keith Albert describes Landon Wilson as one of the strongest and most positive people he’s ever met.

But Wilson says there are times he wonders if he’ll ever get back what two men stole from him nine months ago.

“They may not have stolen anything from me on that night, but those guys stole my mobility,” said Wilson. They stole me being able to go to the store to get my kid food, being able to go to the shopping center to be able to get my kid clothes, man.

It was on his way to get money for the store, that Landon Wilson’s life changed last summer.

On July 13th, Wilson was in his car at an ATM near 25th and Sherman, when a white van pulled up behind him.

He didn’t think much of it at first. Then, the driver got out and demanded money.

“When I declined to give him my paycheck, that’s when he tried to snatch it from me,” said Wilson, describing the attempted robbery.

Wilson struggled for his money until the passenger stopped the fight with a gun. The man shot Wilson six times on his right side, including twice in the back.

“They hopped in the van and just left me for dead,” said Wilson.

Detective Albert says IMPD homicide detectives were called out to the scene because medics didn’t think Wilson would make it.

He did survive, but he was paralyzed from the waist down and lost function in his right arm, the hand he uses to draw and paint.

Although physical therapy home visits have ended, Albert continues to work on his therapy every day to regain his strength.

He has a soldier mentality,” said Wilson. “Never gives up.”

Detective Albert has been tirelessly working Wilson’s case. The only witness in the case has gone dark since calling 911 that night.

As he hits roadblocks, Albert keeps trying. He desperately wants to give something, some hope, to the father who lost so much.

“He has changed my life in the 9.5 months I’ve known him, just because of how positive he is,” said Albert.

Wilson says he worries the shooters could be out there hurting others.

So he’s begging the man who saw something that night, to see his struggle and say something to spare anyone else the pain.

“I just hope you come forward and put yourself in my shoes,” said Wilson. “Put yourself in my shoes.”

Wilson says his faith has grown stronger since the shooting.

He’s saying prayers and putting in the work he believes will one day lead to him walking again.

If you saw or have heard anything about this case, call 317-262-TIPS.