Indianapolis ranks ninth for dog attacks on mail carriers

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- Keep your dogs secured! That’s the warning from local postal officials after a new report puts Indianapolis among the top cities for the number of attacks by dogs on mail carriers.

Last year, almost 7,000 mail carriers were attacked by dogs. That’s 200 more attacks than in 2015. According to the report by the U.S. Postal Service, Indianapolis ranks ninth out of the top cities where dog attacks frequently occur.

“This is a serious safety concern,” says Mary Dando of the U.S. Postal Service.

Last year in Indianapolis, there were 44 dog attacks on mail carriers.

“Everyone says my dog will never bite, but in circumstances, any dog will bite,” says Dando.

Hoping to get that number down, the Post Office is releasing an online video with tips for dog owners to keep in mind.

They say be especially careful when opening the door for a postal worker, as many attacks happen when dogs squeeze out and chase the mail carrier.

Also, be sure to keep your dog restrained in the yard during warmer weather. Failure to do so might not just jeopardize carrier safety, but inconvenience you too.

“We will send you a notice saying that because the carriers in fear of delivering to your particular house, then you’ll have to come pick up your mail at the post office,” says Dando.

Officials typically see an increase in dog attacks during the summer months. Here is a link to the informational video.