Indiana University professor’s son invades classroom dressed as Godzilla

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Photo of Max in class

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — How do you make a lecture about web design more exciting? With a 4-foot tall Godzilla of course! Pictures of an Indiana University professor’s son are going viral after he came to class with her dressed up as the infamous monster.

Erika Lee teaches a Web Design course, an Introduction to Programming course and an Intermediate Programming course at Indiana University.
Her 7-year-old son Max is a first-grade student at Bloomington Montessori School. He’s been a big fan of Godzilla ever since he saw the Hanna Barbera 1978 “Godzilla” TV series when he was 2-years-old.

“His second birthday was Godzilla-themed. He’s seen most of the movies, has Godzilla books and clothing, and has maybe 20 different Godzilla toys. We took him to the Godzilla Fest in Chicago when he was two, and he wore a costume the entire time. He loved it so much we took him back again last year,” Lee told FOX59.
Recently, Max had the day off school because of parent-teacher conferences, and Lee had to take him to her lecture. So it was only natural that he wear his Godzilla costume to class, of course!

Fortunately, he didn’t distract her students too much. “He know it’s a class, so he only put on his costume at the start or end of my courses that day. He likes to roar and to give them all “high fours” (Godzilla only has four fingers),” Lee said.

Lee’s students tweeted pictures of Max, and they quickly went viral. One of her student’s tweets was retweeted over 80,000 times!

 This was the second time Max has come to class with Lee. The first time he dressed up as a T-Rex.
Max’s dream is to go to Japan and see where the Godzilla movies are made. His family set up this GoFundMe page if you would like to help Max visit Japan.