Make Good Decisions Campaign launches to encourage teens to text 911 during prom season

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It's prom and graduation season and lawmakers along with anti drinking and driving advocates want to send a message ot help young Hoosiers celebrate safe.

"It's not okay for anyone under the age of 21 to drink alcoholic beverages no matter where they are. In their own home, where ever it's illegal," said organizer of the Living Proof mock crash event, Bruce Qualls.

The living proof demonstration sends a message with powerful visuals in Delaware county. From a mock crash scene to a funeral and even the court process.

"Then when you see them being treated in the emergency room that looks pretty realistic so we try not to bore people with statistics because we know that will turn them off so we're hoping this can make an impact," Qualls said.

While their message shows what can happen as the result of a crash the Make Good Decisions awareness campaign wants to focus on how to help friends who you see had too much to drink or was maybe sexually assaulted by simply texting 911.

"Don't worry about anything other than saving that person and the easiest way is to text 911," said state Senator, Jim Merritt.

Text to 911 is available statewide. Cases like underage drinking dangers are covered under Indiana's Lifeline Law which was authored by Senator Merritt. Under the law if you call or text for help you won't face legal trouble even if you were underage drinking too.

"If you have a problem text 911 you have immunity. There's no problem with your future, with going to school, with law enforcement. Law enforcement officers want to help you," Merritt said.

The campaign will also launch on social media as a reminder for parents to talk to their kids about celebrating safely.

Since Indiana's Lifeline Law was enacted in 2012, 35 people have called 911 and received immunity from facing any legal backlash.