Man sentenced for leaving backpack meth lab inside Muncie Walmart bathroom

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Photo of Tyler Armstrong courtesy of Indiana State Police.

MUNCIE, Ind.– A man who pleaded guilty to leaving a backpack meth lab inside a Walmart bathroom in Muncie learned his sentence Thursday.

Tyler Armstrong, 25, was sentenced to complete a county drug program. If he fails to do that, he will serve five years for aiding, inducing or causing dealing in meth. He would receive 488 days credit for serving time in jail.

The discovery was originally made in a front bathroom by the cash registers. A Walmart official said an alert worker saw a man with a backpack who was seen in the store several times before making purchases related to the meth-making process.

The employee informed police, who were already in the store and trailing the suspicious man. The man went into the bathroom with the backpack, but came out moments later without it.

When police looked inside the backpack, they found tools consistent with a type of meth cooking known as “shake and bake” or “one pot.”

Armstrong was arrested later at a Taco Bell in Muncie. Police said Armstrong tried to resist the officers, but was subdued and taken into custody.