Violent week in Indianapolis leaves six dead, police focused on long-term solutions

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INDIANAPOLIS -- It has been one violent week in Indianapolis.

On Friday morning, police were called to an apartment complex on the city’s south side after a 28-year-old man was killed. That death marked the city’s sixth homicide in a week's span.

This violence comes after Indianapolis went three weeks without one single murder.

That quick change is why police say they’re focused on long-term crime fighting efforts.

On a rainy day at an east side Budget 8 last Friday, Vincent Lanking was murdered in the motel lobby.

Later that same day, someone shot and killed Derris Mack on the west side.

On Monday, Lonneisha Wellington became a murder victim.

A family fight resulted in the double homicide of Phillip McBrady and Brandon Miller on Thursday.

That was followed by 28-year-old Terrance Hill being killed inside a south side apartment complex.

“The homicide records are really getting bad,” said neighbor Nicolette Aiken.

Police can’t say what led up to the death at the apartment building Friday morning and most neighbors didn’t see anything unusual until police arrived.

“You know, I didn’t hear anything.  I live right there and didn’t hear nothing,” said Aiken.

“I was shocked when they told me there was a dead body over there and a possible murder. It’s crazy,” said neighbor Hollie Mellon.

Because the frequency of violent crime fluctuates day to day, police know reducing the city’s homicide rate is not a quick fix.That’s why the police chief and Mayor Hogsett plan to continue making community outreach and engagement a top priority.

“What we as an agency look at is the entirety of how these crime trends are occurring and then we are very specific in how we address these issues,” said Hamer.

After this busy week, police say there have now been 26 murders this year. That is nearly identical to the 27 murders were had at the same time last year.