Thieves steal $900 worth of softballs from Lebanon little league

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LEBANON, Ind. -- Thieves stole nearly $1,000 worth of softballs from a local little league.

“I’m not mad or angry, I’m disappointed,” said Chip Hunter, Lebanon Little League president.

Last Sunday evening, thieves busted the door on a storage shed and stole 180 brand new softballs from the Lebanon Little League. The season starts next week so organizers had no choice but the pay the $900 replacement bill.

“It’s unfortunate that they felt the need to take from a youth sports organization. We’re not for profit. We don’t have a surplus of money,” said Hunter.

Inside the shed there were plenty of other more valuable things than the softballs, like bats, catcher’s gear, and helmets. Organizers don’t know if the thieves are planning to sell or use the softballs.

“If they needed some practice balls, they could’ve contacted us and we could’ve given them old softballs,” said Hunter.

All the softballs were stored in three cases, weighing about 40 pounds each. They were supposed to last for the entire season.

“It’s sad. I don’t know what they’re going through in their life that they think it’s OK to steal from children, but we’re going to find out, we’re going to find them,” said Justin Fuston with the Lebanon Police Department.

The thieves did leave behind a clue or a somewhat “trade.” Organizers found a bag filled with old, worn out softballs which they aren’t able to use for regulation reasons.

“Hopefully they see this and have a bit of regret,” said Hunter.

The Lebanon Little League is asking the thieves to return the stolen softballs. If they drop the softballs off at the ballpark, there will be no questions asked.

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