Court docs: Pennsylvania man fractured wife’s skull, used shock collars and PVC pipes to beat children

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, PA – A Pennsylvania man is accused of breaking his wife’s skull and using shock collars, pliers, and PVC pipes to punish his children, KYW reports.

Joseph Myhre, 44, is behind bars in Montgomery County with bail set at $1,000,000.

According to court documents obtained by KYW, his 13-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter endured years of beatings and abuse.

Myhre’s son said he would kick him in his stomach and bang his head against the wall and floor, causing him to bleed.

Myhre’s daughter said he would hit her on the head with PVC pipes and strangle her and bang her head against the floor until she entered a “dream state.” Myhre would also squeeze her fingers with pliers and stick needles in her fingers and toes.

Court documents also state that Myhre would use a shock collar meant for dogs on his children, and it would leave burn marks on them.

He also forced them to sleep in wooden boxes that he drilled with holes so they could breathe.

Police say the abuse allegations came to light after Myhre’s wife was transported to the hospital with a broken skull.

Myhre is facing 12 counts of aggravated assault of a child less than 13, four counts of unlawful restraint of a child, two counts of endangering welfare of children, numerous misdemeanors, along with additional charges tied to his wife’s injuries.