The big bounce, temperatures jump Wednesday and the warmest spell of 2017 is on the way

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What a terrific Wednesday and how about the jump from the chill in the morning to the warmth in the afternoon!  Temperatures jumped over 30-degrees since from early Wednesday morning AM. The biggest rise - in Bloomington (+35°)  and Terre Haute (+32°)
Dry air and the higher April sun angle add tot he warm up.  Wednesday was the 4th straight day above normal.
April is running 11-degrees warmer than last April and new warm surge set to begin. LONGEST 70-degree spell in 6 months starting tomorrow.
A renewed run at the first 80-degree day again the is weekend as southwest winds blow behind a a passing warm front. The front moves through Friday with a few showers and a thunderstorm possible early friday. Saturday looks dry, windy and warm with area-wide temperatures running 15-degrees or more above normal.
It looks to be the day with the 'best' chance to have rainfall over the next four. Showers are likely as early as sunrise Sunday with the threat increasing to a chance of a thunderstorm by afternoon. We will monitor and have updates on the rain timing again tomorrow.