Community Hero: Young talk show host helping families connect with humor

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Ten-year-old Addie Grubb has a gift for the camera and a gift for gab!

Her dad, Adam Grubb, noticed her unique talent while she was goofing off with some of his new equipment for his production company. Together they came up with an idea for a father-daughter show and Addie decided she wanted to send a message to other young people her age.

“Never be afraid to show who you are,” said Addie.

Now, every Monday "The Addie and Adam Show" airs on their Facebook page and YouTube channel. It’s been a hit since day one. Now, almost a year later, Addie has quite a fan following that is steadily growing.

Adam says it’s special to capture these moment with his daughter. They tackle fun topics and even some tough topics that families may have trouble addressing, like bullies and dating. Adam hopes they are able to help families connect with each other through their fun-loving humor.

Addie is now taking her talent even further. She’s launched the "Slushies with Addie Show," during which she interviews community leaders and celebrities over her favorite snack – slushies! The show highlight's the 10-year-old's perspective and people love it.!

“Always believe in yourself, even if you think you can’t do it, always try and never give up,” said Addie.

FOX59 went on location with Addie the day she interviewed Bryan Mills, CEO of Community Health Network. Little did she know that Bryan was also there to name her FOX59 and Community Health Network's Community Hero of the Month for April.