Dog food sold in Indiana recalled after discovery of euthanasia drug in product

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Product photos from Party Animals

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Two varieties of pet food sold in Indiana are being recalled because they may contain pentobarbital—a drug used to anesthetize or put down pets.

The pet food being recalled is from the company Party Animals. The products affected by the recall are:

  • Cocolicious Beef & Turkey, Lot #0136E15204 04, best by July 2019
  • Cocolicious Chicken & Beef, Lot #0134E15 237 13, best by August 2019

According to a release by the FDA, at least one dog has gotten sick from the food.

“If pet parents have cans with either of those lot numbers in their possession, they should return them to the place of purchase and will of course receive a full refund,” a spokesperson for Party Animals wrote. They say they are also working withdistributors and retailers to determine if any additional beef-flavored products manufactured during the same production period remain on shelves and, if so, to retrieve them immediately, as well.

Party Animals dog food is sold at 17 retail locations throughout Indiana.

If you have any questions, you can contact the company by phone at 855-727-8926 or by email at

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