Second IU Health Ball Memorial nurse accused of stealing drugs from hospital

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Kadee Klafka

MUNCIE, Ind. – A nurse at IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital admitted she stole narcotics from the facility and used them herself.

Kadee D. Klafka, 25, was arrested Monday and faces charges of possession of a narcotic drug, theft and criminal recklessness.

The investigation began in February when the hospital noticed Klafka had removed an “unusually high” amount of fentanyl from automated dispensing machines during the month of January.

The hospital found that she had “removed more morphine, hydromorphone and benzodiazepines than any other provider in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit,” according to court documents.

Police interviewed Klafka on April 11. She denied stealing any medication from the hospital and claimed she sometimes obtained medicine for other nurses in her unit.

Two days later, police and a DEA investigator questioned Klafka, who told them she’d lied during the initial interview. She admitted that she’d taken controlled substances from the hospital for her own personal use.

Klafka said she started doing it in November 2016, when she injected herself “with fetanyl, morphine and dilaudid” that were “unused portions of medications that she had administered to patients.”

Klafka said she ingested the stolen medication only while she was at the hospital and didn’t take it home with her.

Klafka is the second IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital nurse to be accused of stealing drugs from the hospital in just a few weeks. On March 17, Alisha K. Sue, 28, Albany, was arrested after being accused of stealing morphine and other drugs during her shift.

Sue was arrested on charges of possession of a narcotic drug, theft and criminal recklessness. Sue pleaded guilty to the possession and criminal recklessness charges; the theft charge was dismissed as a result. She faces sentencing on July 13.