Why isn’t Hoosier Lotto paying for road repairs? Breakdown shows where money really goes

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The Hoosier Lottery, Powerball and Mega Millions bring in lots of dollars to Indiana every year, but where does the money go?

We’ve received that question time and time again in the past few weeks with the news of the new road bill and lawmakers’ plans to fix the state’s roads by raising taxes.

One viewer named Holly wrote Angela Ganote:

"Why are we getting an increase in the gas tax and for license plates? Am I the only one that remembers when the lottery came to Indiana we were told that money from the lottery would be used to repair, maintain and improve our roads. Who has had their fingers in the pot?”

Hoosier Lottery Executive Director Sarah Taylor visited the FOX59 studios today to answer your questions about how the money is distributed.

Taylor says they hand over the money to the state legislatures, and then they direct where the money goes.

The give about 30  million dollars annually to the Teachers Retirement Fund, and another 30 million goes to the Firefighters and Police Retirement Fund.

The remaining money goes to the Build Indiana Fund. The Build Indiana Fund reduces vehicle excise tax and saves Hoosiers on their license plate costs by about 50 percent. Here is a breakdown of last year that shows how that money is used county-by-county.

Rep. Bill Friend says the Hoosier Lottery was never meant to be a dedicated revenue source for repairing roads, and it’s not enough to fund the $1.2 billion they say they need to maintain bridges and roadways throughout the state.

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