Cleanup continues in Bartholomew County

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COLUMBUS, Ind.- The cleanup effort continues in Bartholomew County, after intense storms ripped through there Friday night. National Weather Service experts will be on the ground there Monday to figure out if this was just a storm or something more intense.

“The house was shaking,” said Allyson Talkington, who was inside her home during the storms, “we actually had a family member over and they were pretty scared as well.”

The chaotic scene left behind  trees toppled over, power lines taken down, and a street full of neighbors left to pick up all the pieces.

“Everybody was asking if you was OK,” said Hazel Napier, who lives in Columbus.

Local EMA officials say on Friday night there were about 400 emergency calls made in about four hours. Luckily, there were no reports of serious injuries, despite the intensity of these fast moving storms. Officials are also looking into why the tornado sirens were delayed by fifteen minutes once a tornado warning was issued. Investigators hope to have more information about that early this week.

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