Four-state crime spree that came through Indianapolis results in two arrests

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INDIANAPOLIS -- Two men were arrested following a four-state crime spree that came through Indianapolis.

Police say the suspects robbed at least three stores in Indianapolis before heading to Illinois and Missouri to commit more crimes. Both men could now be facing federal charges.

With a clerk and customer inside, two men can be seen on video storming into a gas station in Missouri with a gun drawn. Investigators knew right away the thieves had experience holding up convenience stores.

“The two suspects entered from two different doors which leads us to believe they’ve been involved in other areas robberies,” said Det. Dave Smith with the Kirkwood police department in late April.

Det. Smith didn't know that the day before those crimes, two men stormed into a gas station on Shelby Street in Indianapolis, as well as a second store on Franklin Road. Still pictures show the armed duo allegedly committing both crimes.

Fortunately, the clerk at the Shelby Street Marathon was able to hide behind bulletproof glass and the suspects ran away without anyone being hurt.

That same day, surveillance images caught what is believed to be the same two thieves robbing a Circle K in Whiteland. Detectives say they have now heard from more than a half dozen different police departments where the suspects are thought to have robbed gas stations. Police also believe the men stole a car in Nebraska.

The eight-day crime spree finally came to an end at a Break Time store in Higginsville Missouri where the suspects shot a man who was sitting in his truck scratching lotto tickets. That victim got hit four times but did survive.

Chief Shawn Smith says after a brief chase, he personally arrested the two suspects.

The men have been identified as 23-year-old Victor Linton and 19-year-old Allen McCray.

Their alleged victims in Indianapolis say they're definitely relieved the pair are behind bars. Both suspects remain in jail in Missouri.

The FBI in Indianapolis is helping out with the case with the goal of bringing federal charges against the two suspects.