I-65 project to close several ramps along interstate in northwest Indiana

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A worker cuts expansion joints into the freshly dried new concrete gutters on South State Street. Construction crews build new gutters along the east side of South State Street at Schrock Road as the first step to resurfacing the street.

JASPER AND WHITE COUNTIES, Ind. – The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) have announced that a resurfacing project on I-65 will close three ramps for reconstruction beginning on or after Monday, May 8.  These closures are scheduled through the middle of June for this nearly $40 million dollar project.

The ramps that will be closed are:

  •    U.S. 24 (Exit 201) entrance ramp to I-65 southbound
  •    I-65 southbound exit ramp to U.S. 231 (Exit 205)
  •   U.S. 231 (Exit 205) entrance ramp to I-65 northbound

With these ramp closures the remaining open ramps at these two interchanges will be utilized for the detour on I-65.

I-65 paving in Jasper & White Counties

The project on I-65 will include patching and resurfacing of the interstate from the 197-207 mile markers, resurfacing the U.S. 24 ramps, replacing the deck and widening the bridge over U.S. 231 (Exit 205) and overlaying the decks of the Hollingsworth Ditch Bridge, three and one half miles south of U.S. 24 and the Mason-Eastburn Ditch Bridge, two and one half miles south of U.S. 24 and repairing the TP &W Railroad Bridge just south of U.S. 24.  The project is scheduled to be completed at the end of July.