Obscure law prompts huge liquor sale at Marsh as company sells pharmacy business

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Marsh will have to give up its hard liquor sales after selling its pharmacy business to CVS, but customers may benefit in the short run.

The supermarket chain reached a deal with CVS last week that will close Marsh pharmacies at 23 Indiana stores over a three-day period between May 3 and May 5.

(Photo courtesy of Chris Kagiliery)

Due to an obscure Indiana law, Marsh will not be allowed to sell liquor once that transaction is completed. Legally, grocery stores without pharmacies can’t sell hard liquor. That means liquor sales must stop at Marsh by Friday, May 5.

“Marsh Supermarkets will continue selling beer and wine. They will stop selling hard liquor in the stores where pharmacy operations are discontinuing this week,” said a company spokesman.

A store employee told the Indianapolis Star that Marsh is discounting liquor by 40 percent through at least Tuesday to unload inventory.

In addition to closing pharmacies and ending liquor sales, Marsh recently announced the closure of several stores around central Indiana.