Off-duty ISP trooper, coach, and nurse save 8-year-old baseball player

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KIMMELL, Ind. – An 8-year-old boy is alive and well today thanks to the help of an off-duty officer,  a baseball coach, and a nurse.

Trooper Richard Williams was coaching a boys’ baseball team on Saturday at 4:15 p.m. when a boy from the opposing team collapsed on second base and went into a seizure.

Williams and the boy’s coach, Rome City Deputy Marshal Chris Bateman, immediately ran to the boy and discovered he had facial injuries sustained in the fall and was beginning to turn blue because he was not breathing.

Williams and Bateman cleared the boy’s airway and began CPR.

Shayla Gallo, a nurse in the stands who was watching the game, ran onto the field and helped the two with the lifesaving measures.

Within a minute, the boy began to breathe again, and he was taken by Noble County EMS to Parkview Noble and then to Parkview Regional Medical Center in Fort Wayne.

Williams credited “the help of Deputy Chris Bateman and Nurse Shayla Gallo and their quick action…to save the child’s life and get him breathing again while waiting for EMS to arrive”.