School officials say virus sickened more than 100 middle school students

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CONNERSVILLE, Ind. -- School officials are trying to figure out what caused dozens of students to become sick in Fayette County.

On Friday, more than 100 students were absent or were sent home sick from Connersville Middle School. At least 10 faculty members were also ill.

“It more than hit him hard. It completely knocked him off his feet,” said Larry Spurlock, grandfather of a sick student.

Larry Spurlock’s 15-year-old grandson was vomiting and weak. The 8th grader had the flu-like symptoms that other students were complaining about. Spurlock’s grandson was so sick he had to go to the hospital.

“He wasn’t the only one in that emergency room. There was a little girl in there, she had been there twice and on top of that there were two more kids in there,” said Spurlock.

School officials tell FOX59, they’ve been working with the health department and at this point it appears the cause was some type of virus. There were some concerns that the school lunches were to blame for sickening the students and faculty. The Fayette County School Corporation Superintendent says there’s no indication of the cause being food related.

“They can say what they want to but something happened in that cafeteria that day, something happened,” said Spurlock.

After school events were cancelled on Friday. Over the weekend, maintenance crews sanitized the entire school. Just as a precautionary measure, food services is doing a quality control review just to make sure there wasn’t an issue with the food served at lunch.

Spurlock’s grandson still isn’t better and still hasn’t been back to school.

“I want some answers,” said Spurlock.

On Monday, 15 students were still absent. Parents were notified on Friday immediately after school officials realized the amount of students being sent home sick.