VIDEO: Seymour soldier surprises mother after deployment in Kuwait

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SEYMOUR, Ind. – It was a surprise reunion years in the making for a Seymour woman serving in the California National Guard.

Lauren Townsend graduated from Seymour High School in 2006, and she joined the U.S. Army in 2007. After four years of active duty, she joined the Indiana Army National Guard.

Three years ago, she joined the California National Guard. Her second deployment started in Kuwait in December 2015. Nine months later, her unit returned home, but Townsend decided to stay in Kuwait with the unit that replaced her unit.

Townsend told FOX59 that before she even left for Kuwait, she knew she wanted to surprise her mom when she returned home. “When I decided to stay with the unit that replaced my original unit, it just made the surprise that much sweeter because of how long I was over there,” Townsend said.

Townsend started planning the surprise back in February with her aunt (her mom’s younger sister). Townsend has a cousin who is on the track team, and he had a meet at Seymour High School on Tuesday. So she decided that would be the perfect opportunity to surprise her mom!

As you can imagine, Townsend’s mother immediately burst into tears. “Her reaction was definitely what I expected. We are a very emotional family and I knew that when I surprised her, she was going to cry.”

Townsend is only home for a few more days before she has to head back to California. She’s starting a new civilian job in IT on Monday.

As far as her military career goes, she’s up for promotion to Staff Sergeant, and she should find out in the next couple of months whether she is picked.