Coldest in weeks, May is on hold for now; Heavy rain maker to end work week

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Winds are still gusting over 40 mph Tuesday afternoon as the powerful spring storm departs to the north east.  The skies have turned more cloudy as the chilly air battles the May sunshine.  A few afternoon sprinkles/showers have developed but will diminish early.  The peak wind gust reached 42 mph in Indianapolis and as high as 44 mph in Muncie.


Overnight temperatures will dip below 40-degrees early Wednesday, the coolest here in over three weeks.  the last sub 40-degree night in Indianapolis came April 8th when we dipped to 33-degrees.  Many areas are especially outlying could reach near frost levels.  We will monitor!


The last thing we need is more rain and it is in sight.  The spring storm will send rain into central Indiana starting Wednesday evening and ramp up to heavy/steady rainfall Thursday.  A wind driven, chilly rain will fall through Friday before the storm inches east On Saturday.

Rainfall of 2" to 4" is possible and Flash Flood Watches may be required.  The NWS will hold off until the axis of heaviest rain is determined but it is likely the watch will be hoisted on Wednesday.


The stretch of wet weather will also be quite chilly!  A eight day span of below normal temperature will feature high temperatures Friday struggling to reach 50-degrees and several nights in the mid/upper 30s.  A late season frost is looking more likely especially early Sunday morning and again next Monday and Tuesday mornings.  Stay tuned!